Dental Check Ups

An important part of your preventative dental appointment is the exam performed by the dentist or dental therapist. 

What does the dentist evaluate?

During your dental check up, the dentist or dental therapist will evaluate your oral health by examining x-rays, if any were taken, and by performing a visual & tactile exam of your mouth.  Specific items addressed are:

  • Health of Soft Tissue – Dr. Callstrom will take a thorough look around your mouth, face, head, and neck.  He looks for any sign of trouble including swelling, redness, or possible signs of cancer. 
  • Health of Teeth – Dr. Callstrom will look for signs of damage to your teeth including decay, fractures, inadequate restorations, etc. 
  • Concerns identified by hygienist 
  • Questions and/or concerns of patient